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About us



Welcome to our website. Our prayer is that it will serve as a tool to share the great news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share this message by:


  • Exalting God, Encouraging Christians toward spiritual maturity, Equipping Christians for Ministry, Evangelizing the World for Christ, Ministering to the needs of others



Our Mission


To extend our hand to those who willingly desire to establish and acknowledge a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Helping with the development of people by way of Preaching: Teaching and Encouraging in accordance with the Word of God. Fulfilling our God given obligation to love one another unconditionally and extending that love to our neighbor, we stand soundly in the Gospel and interact with supporting ministries for the edification of the body of Christ.


Our Denominational Affiliation

Cornerstone Chosen Ministries serves as a Full Gospel Non Affiliated Denominational multicultural ministry being solely focused on the great commission. We believe in God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit. all operating in one purpose, one agreement and one essence, we serve One God. 

Our History

Cornerstone Chosen Ministries went into the planning phases of structure in February 2008. This was after much reasoning, deliberating and praying. Once the call was confirmed by God on March 1, 2008 we were sure that we were headed in the direction that God had definitely called us to. On April 19, 2008 our very first planning meeting was held after the calling of the Assistant Pastor was confirmed. At this point and time our designated anniversary date was recorded as April 19, 2008. The developing phases increased and the bylaws, the purpose were established and recorded. Each planning meeting we held, seemed to add another member. In October 2008, our first worship service was planned for the 2nd Sunday in January 2009. By, November 2008 our membership had increased from 2 members to 13 members. On the first Sunday in January, 2009 we attended service as a congregation visiting Providence of West Jacksonville, with Pastor Tim & First Lady Queen Hicks and we had 12 members of our congregation attend. On January 11, 2009 we held our first Worship Service at 5354 Verna Blvd, Jacksonville Florida, we had 19 in attendance.  Our Worship Services are held 5354 Verna Blvd, which is a shared facility with Glory to God Ministries under the leadership of Pastors Rey and  Candy Vargas.  In February 2013, We moved into our very own facility at 1339 Cesery Terrace, 32211, this move was strictly on faith and God driven. Our membership increased significantly and has steadily be growing since moving our location so much so,  that in June 2014, God expanded our ministry facility giving us the unit adjacent to ours. In July 2018, God moved us out of the Cesery Terrace location and planted us at 1633 University Blvd. Steady growing, we have since moved to our current location, 7505 Arlington Expressway. God has destined Cornerstone Chosen Ministries to be a ministry of development and we are in the area to develop the community and the personal lives of God's people all for the Will of God. To God be all the Glory for it is by our Heavenly Father, our personal Lord & Savior, and the Holy Spirit that Cornerstone Chosen Ministries is standing tall and proud and moving forward with the vision of God as the light to our pathway. "Many are called, Few are Chosen.." and we are so thrilled that the Lord has chosen us to minister to His people from coast to coast of this world.




We welcome all who desire to be apart of this ministry.  We encourage prospective members to first pray before making a commitment to be a member of Cornerstone Chosen Ministries. Everyone has the option of accepting membership by stating their intentions to be a part of our ministry family during service when the invitation is extended or by contacting our membership secretary or one of the ushers. For more information contact us via phone, email or see any CSCM member for details.

our pastor & First Lady:

Pastor Ralph A. McKinney Sr. is a dedicated and a committed servant of the Lord. He acknowledged and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at an early age while a member of Antioch Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York.  Later in life while serving his country in the U.S. Navy he rededicated his life to Christ and began witnessing at the Naval air station in Millington, TN “it was here where I joined New Dimensions Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Charles Rogers. Little did I know the effect this ministry would have on my life. Here is where my calling prophesized a prophesy that I completely denied." After receiving orders to Jacksonville, FL, Ralph joined Providence Christian Fellowship. In 2003 ,Ralph retired from the U.S. Navy after serving diligently for 22 active years. He received his calling from God to preach the gospel in 1999 and he accepted the calling in 2004. After working closely with the Pastor, and serving God’s people at Providence Christian Fellowship, he was ordained a Minister of the Gospel in June 2007. He served as Minister of Evangelism and received the vision to start 3000 plus Outreach Evangelism Ministry. Ralph became the Instructor of Salvation Class and served as the Ministry leader of “Walking as One” Marriage ministry along with his wife, Minister Jackie. In February 2008, God called Ralph to Pastor and gave him the vision for Cornerstone Chosen Ministries. Ralph pastors under the authority of Christ Jesus and teaches that God is always first & one's priority should be to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Ralph is a devoted husband, dedicated father of 5 children, and proud grandfather. He lives by the knowledge of knowing that the Lord is his Shepherd and all things are possible through Christ Jesus, who strengthens him.

Minister Jackie McKinney has been the first lady in Pastor R.A.McKinney’s life for over 30 years now. She was destined to teach & preach the true Word of God which is evident through her testimony. Salvation came early in her life, being reared to believe in Jesus Christ & to know that there is power in prayer. Throughout her life, she never strayed too far from the arms of protection of her Savior. Reaching adulthood and becoming a mother, she began to increase her prayer life and study the Word of God. Through many trials & tribulations, circumstances pushed her to the breaking point of knowing that there are times when family and friends can’t help you and there is only “One” who has the power to be wherever you need Him. Jackie turned toward the Lord and offered Him her life in exchange for His guidance and His strength and from that day, she has never turned back. Jackie has been working in ministry for the past 15 years; She has served as: Executive Secretary, Missionary cell Member, Choir member, Praise Team member, Usher, Director of Community Service Events, Marriage Ministry Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Church Administrator, and Summer Camp Coordinator. She has graciously continued her role as Church Administrator & Ordained Minister under the direct leadership of her husband, Pastor R.A. McKinney Sr. At Cornerstone Chosen Ministries, she is always ready to step in and do whatever is needed. She is the "chief adjutant" to the Pastor. Along with ministry, Jackie is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother and has maintained a career in the Medical Field and Financial Realm of Corporate America.

Service Times:
Sunday Service-10am    
Food Pantry- Sundays 1145am

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