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Your relationship with Christ is so much more than sitting in on Sunday services. Check out our many ministries below to identify how you can be more involved and enhance your relationship with God!

Holy & Healthy

Have you tried all the meal plans, watched all the workout Youtube videos, and drank all the Flat Tummy Tea you can take with still no lasting results? We get it. The journey to being healthy and fit can be daunting. However, don't give up yet! Your body is the Lords temple and deserves to be in it's best shape to best serve the Lord. Click below to learn how the Lord expects us to take care of His temple and everyday tips on how to be healthy and holy!

Wall of Men

Growing into the man God called you to be is not easy, especially in the society we live in today. Thankfully, we have our men's ministry to help you reach your full potential, the way God intended. Click below to learn more about when we meet, our ministry, and manhood in Christ.

Finance Ministry

Did you know God wants you to live in abundance? Budgeting your finances doesn't have to be difficult & confusing! Click below to learn tips on how to best budget your money and join us during our free monthly finance workshop.

3000 Plus Outreach Ministry

The sole purpose of our being is to bring souls to Christ! Sometimes we are unsure of what to say to lead someone to Christ or what to do afterward. Click below to learn more about reaching out to others and leading them to our Savior!


Communing with God is essential in strengthening your relationship with Him. Find a quiet place to pray for yourself and others and meditate on His goodness. Click below for a special prayer time.

Marriage Ministry

Marriage isn't easy & we know that! For a successful marriage, it's imperative to have God as the third party in your marriage. To gain more tips & information on how to have a marriage the way God intended, click below!

Well Women who Worship

As women it's important we bond together and lift each other up. Sometimes you just need your sister to talk to, encourage you, and love you. (We all need our "girl time!") Well women who worship is not a women's' ministry. Rather, it is an opportunity for women throughout the country to become more knowledgeable and confident in the Word of God through meetings, field trips, and fellowship. Click below to see what we're up to and when we are meeting next.

Service Times:
Sunday Service-10am    
Food Pantry- Sundays 1145am

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